Mark Wahlberg plays 18 holes in a ridiculously short amount of time

Mark Wahlberg has played some pretty bad-assed rolls in his 20-year film career. Sgt. Sean Dignam in The Departed. Micky Ward in The Fighter. However, we think this is one of Wahlberg’s most bad-assed moves yet…and a potential solution to slow play (if you’re in the first group out in the morning, at least).

Wahlberg told Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel that he plays 18 holes in roughly an hour when filming. Here’s how he does it.

“I would tee off at 6 in the morning and run the golf course. We’d hit a drive and then just sprint to the ball and then the [caddies] would come with the carts.

“We’d grab a club, hit again and then sprint again. We’d play all 18 in about an hour fifteen, maybe 1:20. Depended on the putting.”

Damn. That’s one way to burn off all those Wahlburgers! And if Mark can speed golf 18 holes in an hour and 20 minutes, that means Donnie ought to be able to make it back to the clubhouse in just under three hours. 

Also noteworthy: The Dorchester (Dorchest-ahh), Mass. native is a fixture at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. And he has a golfer’s paradise of a back yard.

Frankly, we’d expect nothing less from a golf nut worth $230 million.  

Check it out.

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