Andrew “Beef” Johnston was in Jamaica visiting his relatives

Andrew Beef Johnston was in the Caribbean getting in touch with his roots. 

Beef has often spoken about his Jamaican heritage, crediting his nickname with his distinctively curly hair.

When I was a kid, if I grow my hair out I’m a quarter-Jamaican so it goes curly, and one of my friends said ‘your head looks like a big bit of beef, you’ve got a beefhead.’ And it just stuck, honestly, and now everyone just calls me ‘Beef.’ They shortened it.

This came as a surprise to a handful of racist nimrods, many of whom didn’t realise that Beef’s mother is Jamaican.

The confusion in the comments is funny!! Many people obviously don’t know you’re a quarter Jamaican.


“Unbelievable that people are asking if this is a joke!”

It’s great meeting my uncle and cousins for the first time! Jamaica is cool! ?

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What’s funny about this is how it reflects the homogeneity of PGA TOUR membership. Harold Varner III is currently the only black guy playing on golf’s premium Tour – excluding Tiger Woods of course.

It’s not about race, but it is interesting that Beef is technically the second most ethnically black player in America. Wow golf, wow.

Wat a great time I had visiting my family! ????

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