This guy owns the Augusta themed putting green of your dreams

Need to spice up your backyard this offseason? Well, Dave Stockton might have taken backyard makeovers to a new level. The putting wizard made a putting green in his backyard with some familiar features. 

Source: Golf Digest

That’s right, he built an Augusta themed putting green in his backyard. Judging from the picture above, it’s pretty huge. But does Dave really need this in his backyard? I mean he does live in Augusta, a stone’s throw from the course.

Distance aside, the putting green is super awesome. A few different holes, 2 bunkers and even the ‘Merica themed centerpiece. Stockton can now enjoy the comforts of the holy grail of golf after a few libations at home, and he doesn’t have to worry about going out into town. He could play the course in his underwear for all we know!

Back Nine Greens, a company specializing in this kind of remodeling, helped Stockton build the golfer’s paradise. We’ve seen their work before. They created a spectacular complex in Marky Mark’s backyard. At this point the only person who trumps Dave’s backyard is Dave Pelz, who resides in the humble abode below.


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To make Stockton’s deal even sweeter, he plans to use the putting surface for clinics before the Masters this year, how cool is that? Look forward to seeing this beaut in a week!

If you don’t have the money to get an Augusta themed backyard, might as well use that money to bet on some golfers at this year’s Masters. Here are the Vegas odds:

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