Jordan Spieth has set major goals for 2017

Golf’s golden calf/boy, Jordan Spieth, won twice on the PGA Tour last season, in addition to the Australian Open.

He also famously chunked his chances of winning the Masters thanks to a stripsteak-divot tee shot at Augusta’s 12th hole.

If you’ve forgotten what that horror looked like, here’s a handy refresher via the Nintendo version below.

Spieth’s 2015-2016 performance was both majorless—in contrast to his 2014-2015 campaign, which saw him raise two major trophies—and featured fewer victories. In light of that decline in performance, fantasy writers everywhere are pondering how Spieth will play in the upcoming year as they pen their 2017 forecasts.

And in that spirit, here’s a curious morsel from Mr. Spieth himself from yesterday’s phone-in interview for January’s SBS Tournament of Champions.

Here’s what Spieth said.

Q. After Hero, you sort of mentioned that you wanted to improve on win numbers each season and you had done that until last year or whatever. Given that was the first time you went backwards, what’s been your number going forward, and what do you see that being as you progress in your career?

JORDAN SPIETH: I’m not sure yet. I think, you know, more than the 2016 season. So I guess that was in my opinion, I’ll put it at 3 1/2, considering The Ryder Cup was a win in my mind, but it was a team win. So trying to reach the over on 3 1/2, I’d say, and I would be very satisfied with closing that out.

Obviously would like to improve on the record that I set for myself on TOUR in 2015 with five, but you know, just get out and get going, get in contention. I’m going to play a lot of PGA TOUR events this season. I’m going to stay on the PGA TOUR from Hawai’i on through The Presidents Cup, hopefully The Presidents Cup.

So going to give myself more opportunities I think this year than I had last year, and I would say that would probably be, over/under, 3 1/2 on how I’d feel.

Did you get all that? Spieth is hoping for the over on 3.5 wins. In other words, 4.

4 wins for Spieth!


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