Bill Murray to Open Caddyshack Themed Bar in Chicago

Chicago continues to ride a 2016 sports hot streak. The Cubs won the World Series, Dwayne Wade plays for the Bulls and now hometown hero Bill Murray will open a new sports bar in town. 


Murray seeks to open a Caddyshack themed bar in the Rosemont neighborhood. Mayor Brad Stephens says the bar will open in the Crowne Plaza hotel across from the Rosemont Theatre Box Office. However, no timetable for when the bar opens exists, as a verbal agreement only just surfaced.

Murray plans to open the bar with his brother Andy, who serves as chef at Murray’s first Caddyshack restaurant at the World Golf Village. The bar is so successful in Florida they decided to open the new bar in Chicago. The Caddyshack restaurant in Florida sounds quite good from what Yelp tells me, so I see no reason why the new one won’t be a hit. Plus, it’s Bill Murray’s restaurant which is reason enough to check it out.

The company website targets the original Caddyshack restaurant as: “a country club gone awry” which sounds more like the movie plot than a restaurant plan. I think the move is stellar. Murray and his brother based the script for the movie on their exploits at Indian Hill Club in Winnetka, Illinois.

The move shows Murray continuing to slay the golf world in 2016. He played ping pong with the Ryder Cup boys post victory and schooled Barack Obama in an office putting matchup. Not to mention he paired with Jordan Speith at a pro-am earlier this year.

Now that 2016 nears the end, what’s next for the Caddyshack star? Maybe he would be interested in the proposed tournament with John Daly and Beef Johnson?

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