5 things Tiger Woods and Donald Trump can talk about on the golf course

Rumor has it that Tiger Woods and President-elect Donald Drumpf will tee it up in West Palm Beach today at Drumpf International Golf Club.

Woods, who golfed with President Obama in Florida in 2013, also spoke at Obama’s inauguration in 2008, so he has some experience with the leader-of-the-free-world set.

We’re not sure what T Dub’s politics are, but we know his infatuation with all things special forces runs deep and 98 percent of the PGA Tour is Republican…so we assume the Tiger’s stripes, like his Sunday shirts, are actually red.

Regardless, it could be an awkward meeting, so we’ve prepared five items for the billionaire golfing buddies to discuss.



Here’s a good icebreaker: Drumpf and T. Woods may have visited the same ports. What, with Woods’ legion of mistresses and Drumpf’s penchant for “grabbing ’em by the p***y” and admitted past indiscretions, there will be plenty to discuss.

2. #BillionaireLife

You’d have to assume topics only members of the billionaire boys club (not to be confused with Pharrell brand) want to discuss. I have no idea what those subjects are (Bohemian Grove, maybe), but as both Woods and Drumpf are living that nine-zeros life, they’ll know the drill.


3. Twitter


Twitter. Drumpf loves it, Tiger uses it sparingly. TW did however drop the Mac Daddy Santa bombshell just before their meeting, and he’s assuredly gotten a full buffet of interesting replies to the horrifying photo.


4. (Bad) Fashion

Both Tiger Woods and the Donald have a penchant for questionable sartorial selections (particularly jeans-and-polo pairings) as evidenced by the photos below. Perhaps they can trade tips?



5. Fast food


Simple: We know Drumpf loves his McDonald’s. Tiger famously went to Arby’s after winning the 1997 Masters and served cheeseburgers at the 1998 champions’ dinner. Chat it up about greasy, grade-F beef on frozen buns.

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