Jason Day’s Instagram post is a lesson in peacocking

In the good old days of sports in America, the only performance enhancing substances were things like spit and pine tar, and athletes were free to light up a smoke at the midway point of a season-ending championship. Needless to say, ads featuring athletes were much different as well, before the invention of the corporate athlete with Arnold Palmer and IMG’s Mark McCormack.

By the way, for your edification, in reference to the above, here’s Len Dawson, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, smoking a cigarette (and drinking a Fanta) during halftime Super Bowl I.


When men were nicotine and sugary liquid-ingesting men! Anyway, as mentioned, prior to the Palmer-McCormick era, and athlete might appear in a campaign like this.


But now, on the heels of such titans of hand-in-glove relationship between multinational corporations and widely televised sports like the gentlemen below, things have changed.




And world No. 1 Jason Day has taken things to another (lower) level with this New Year’s Instagramming. Day not only reveals his new sponsor (Nike), but mentions all of his existing sponsors. And “mentioned” means he included an example of each company’s product offering…no small feat when it comes to NetJets.

Don’t make a New Years resolution. #Justdoit @nike @swingoilofficial @lexususa @rolex @taylormadegolf @netjets

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Setting the bar high for corporate athletedom in the new year!

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