83-year-old thinks he’s won a car, beats “dishonest” salesman with a golf club

Florida has played an important part in the history of American golf. Hell, both the PGA Tour and the PGA of America are headquartered in the Sunshine state. And from a course standpoint, consider names like Seminole. Calusa Pines. Sawgrass, and more recently, Streamsong’s Red Course; All have populated Golf Digest’s Ranking of the Top 100 courses in the U.S.

So we don’t want to take a dump on Florida…but oh, Florida. These sorts of things only seem to happen within your sandy perimeter.
The Weirdest Fist Fight Broke Out On A Golf Course

Golf fight
It all started when 83-year-old Linsey D. Owens brought in his promotional mailer for redemption from a Nissan sales event that promised “up to $20,000 in cash.” Now most people would realize that the prospect of winning 20 large was unlikely and the mailer was just a teaser offer to get foot traffic at dealership.

Not Mr. Owens, apparently, who was enraged when he was awarded a $5 WalMart gift card when he redeemed his mailer, rather than stacks of cash, according to a report by WFLA.

Christian Robertson, a dealership employee, bore the wrath of Owens, who initially hit Robertson with his car before fetching a golf club from his trunk to inflict further damage after finding out he hadn’t hit the jackpot in the mailer drawing.
“He was pretty upset over that. I guess he drove eight miles to get there and thought he should’ve been entitled to something more than that,” Robertson told reporters.

Eight miles!

And because God is good, Roberts pulled out his cell phone as the incident was unfolding to capture the geriatric assailant in the act.

Best part of the video: “I am the boys!”

What? Oh. You mean like…

Anyway, Owens was interviewed by police at his home and then arrested and charged with aggravated battery. The club-wielding grandpa has been placed on supervised release.

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