5 Ian Poulter moments that will prove he’s completely unlikeable

If you still need proof that the great Hertfordshire knobber Ian Poulter is completely unlikable, I’ve been inspired to furnish some on the heels of this asinine tweet in the wake of his family fun fest at the ultra-private Yellowstone Club.

Poulter is, as the kids say, a grown-ass man, but with selfies like the one above, he’s sure to frighten small children. The social-media addicted, gloating oversharer is always too much (and you’d have to assume 90% of his 2.65 million Twitter followers are hate follows, right?) but this is just embarrassingly ridiculous.

Recently, Poults, in an inspiring display of displaced aggression, put a photographer on blast and continued his newfound hobby of publicly lambasting hecklers. In digging deeper into some of his most notable displays of douchery, we’ll start with the whole obnoxious selfie thing, as exemplified by the picture mentioned above.

Or this one:

Seriously. Who likes these?

1. “Just me and Tiger”

In March of 2008, Poulter told Golf World (UK), that he doesn’t compare himself to other golfers:

“The trouble is I don’t rate anyone else…Don’t get me wrong, I really respect every professional golfer, but I know I haven’t played to my full potential and when that happens, it will be just me and Tiger.”

It’s one thing to be confident, but it’s another to be delusional and disparaging toward your fellow pros. Nice work, Poults. By the way, he’s won twice on the PGA Tour since 2008.

2. Hotspur slur:

In 2010, following Arsenal’s loss to Tottenham, Poulter referred to the team as “yids,” which is, of course, an anti-Semitic remark. Poulter, with his customary terrible grammar, later apologized, saying the tweet was “not racial in anyway [sic].” However, a slur is a slur, and the best thing you can say is perhaps this muppet was unaware of the meaning of his words.

3. Letting his brats eat cereal out of the Ryder Cup:



4. Getting a heckler fired:

Golf fan/not Ian Poulter fan, J.J. Downum heckled the English peacock at the Valspar Championship last year. And thanks to a signal boost from Barstool Sports, Poulter was able to put the heckling and series of tweets in front of Florida Southern College where Downum worked as an assistant athletic director…that is until he was fired in the wake of the fiasco.

5. Nanny whiny: 


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