WATCH: Jason Day’s first Nike commercial will remind you of Jack Nicklaus

Following his Instagram declaration of allegiance to the Swoosh, Nike has released its first commercial featuring world no. 1, Jason Day.

What we learned/already knew: Jason Day loves his family. He apparently stays in Columbus, Ohio (his wife is from Ohio) to take some time away and practice during the brief winter off-season, rather than migrating to warmer climates. That, and he likes winning…and wants to win more.

Day’s decision to stay in Ohio reminded me of Jack Nicklaus, another player who preferred the modesty of the midwest to the climate of Florida. As you can imagine, one has to improvise during the harsh winter.

Anyway, here’s the video and a few timestamped questions/comments.

:05 LOL. Is this being presented as plausibly Jason Day’s neighborhood?

:10 Backwards hat, rolling in a Lexus…golf is cool!

:20 Nike’s commitment to tights with shorts on men and blade collars continues

:23 Where are we exactly? Indoor hitting bays at Day’s club?

:29 Do you think Day trudges out into the snow to retrieve the balls?

:48 And in case you didn’t get the point that Jason Day is an athlete, here’s some gym stuff

1:17 And now, some family glow bowling!

Not sure how this effort stacks up against Rory McIlroy’s kale chopping last year, but it’s another brick in the brand wall.
We’ll look forward to more spots from the folks in Beaverton in the year ahead, as well as *fingers crossed* Dash Day’s scripting for potential final-hole green runs when his dad wins.

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