Beef was told ‘Your beard is bad for golf’

Andrew Johnston, or better known as Beef, was told that his beard was bad for golf.

In the clip below, Beef talks about how he grew out his beard as a joke in the beginning and then told his friends he was going to grow it even larger for when he came back to golf after the holidays.

Then once he showed up, someone told him that his beard was bad for golf, and instead of shaving it like he was going to before someone made the ludicrous statement, he’s keeping it.

It’s crazy to think that people judge others so much based on looks. How is a beard bad for golf? It’s hair attached to someones face, it has nothing to do with their ability to pick up a golf club and swing.

I mean come on! Look at him next to Tiger, totally natural and becoming. LOL.

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My favorite part of this whole thing is that he’s keeping it in spite of that person. By doing so he’s creating this image of ‘you can be whoever you want to be’ and still be successful. What a great role model for future golfers and he wants there to be future golfers because of him!

This beer drinking, beef loving, beard growing gent is changing the way golfers are perceived. Great way to start the New Year! Cheers.

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