Watching Aussies and their drunk golf cart antics is pure comedy

Golf needs to remove the putter from its arse.

I couldn’t keep myself together watching these clips posted by Golf Gods – the Australian apparel company famed for it’s give a fuck approach to golf.

Getting out on the links and bonding over four hours is one of the best things about our sport. These guys take it to a different level.

Always watch your back, even with mates

Golf isn’t a dangerous sport… until you go with friends ?

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When it seems like a good idea at the time

Golf is for the boys! ?? #golfgods #golfantics #winorlosewestillbooze #nocartshurtinthisvideo #golf

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When you don’t make it past the front tees


When golf days get out of hand ???? ? cred – @chubs179 #golfgods #golfcourse #golfswing #golfcart #golf

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