Dustin Johnson doesn’t give a f*&% about last season

And you shouldn’t either.

What’s great about Dustin Johnson (and what has also be his downfall) is his no fucks, nonchalant attitude. He doesn’t dwell on the past and he lives in the moment. This is what gave him the edge during the U.S. Open and this is what will hopefully lead him to more success in the future.

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It may have held him back in the past, when he couldn’t comprehend that his personal life affected his golf game, but now it seems as though he’s using his attitude in a healthier way. He’s building a family, his career, and taking in each moment with clear eyes.

“I’m pretty good at not really thinking about what I did in the past, because it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about what I’m doing right now and what’s coming up, because it doesn’t matter how good a year I had last year. That doesn’t matter anymore; it’s this year. We’ve got all new goals and new things that I want to do.”

Dustin Johnson on 2017

This is all mental. Most athletes come in to a new season thinking about how they can improve from the year before, but Johnson is focusing on the present. He doesn’t deny that his past accomplishments don’t give him a confidence boost but he’s not letting that blind him.

Winning three tournaments, including his first major, gave him one of the best seasons of his life. He had a tour-best of 15 top-10 finishes and won his first Vardon Trophy for lowest season stroke average, 69.172, by leading the tour in birdie average and ranking second in driving distance, catapulting him to No. 3 in the World.

Dustin Johnson holds the record on TOUR for most 400+ yard drives with 13.

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“Obviously, the good stuff gives you a lot of confidence. But none of that matters right now or at this tournament. Who gives a fuck what I did last year? I need to go out and win this golf tournament. I know what recipe works to have success. Just continue doing that.”

Dustin Johnson is in Hawaii this week at the SBS Tournament of Champions, hopefully cooking up something good.

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