Man suffers horrific injury after being impaled by his golf club

First reported by TMZ, from the “Are you F’ing Kidding Me?” files: A man impaled himself on a golf club on board the floating cesspool that is a Carnival cruise ship.

Dzung Tran was throwing down on the mini-golf course aboard Carnival Splendor when he went down, tripping over a loose (fake?) boulder on course.

Somehow, as a result of that fall, Tran was impaled by a golf club, which tore an artery in his arm. And, sweet baby Jesus, here’s the result.

c/o TMZ
(Source/ TMZ)

There are so many things happening in that photo, I don’t know where to begin. It looks like parts of the Thanksgiving turkey, a cheese cloth, and a bunch of staples were used to put Humpty Tran back together again.

And if you’re looking to read between the lines and figure out how this tale of woe unfolded, good luck. The consensus from the comment section at TMZ (font of all wisdom that it is) is that the man was a tad rotund, slipped, tried to break his fall with his putter, which snapped in half and impaled him.

However, there’s no evidence any of that is true. Good story, though, and one the could plausibly produce an arm straight out of The Walking Dead. Anyway, here’s the perilous course. Shouldn’t the ominous skull and crossbones have been a warning?

Predictably, Tran is claiming the course was not up to code (is there a code for mini-golf courses on cruise ships?), per TMZ. He is suing.

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