Rory McIlroy finally talks about his “grow the game” comment

Rory McIlroy had a sitdown with Irish newspaper the Sunday Independent, and needless to say, the trend of Rory speaking his mind has continued into 2017.

Sure, we could whack this up and fire up the Hot Take-o-tron, but it’s probably best to let Rors speak for himself, as his takes are plenty hot. So, here’s what the Nike standard bearer had to say on a few subjects of interest.

On the famous press conference in which he said he didn’t much care about the Olympics and it isn’t his responsibility to grow the game…

“Well, I’d had nothing but questions about the Olympics – ‘the Olympics, the Olympics, the Olympics’ – and it was just one question too far. I’d said what I needed to say. I’d got myself out of it, and it comes up again. And I could feel it. I could just feel myself go ‘Poom!’ and I thought: ‘I’m going to let them have it.’


Source: AFP
Source: AFP


“Yeah, but maybe I shouldn’t have reacted in the way that I did. But Olympic golf to me doesn’t mean that much – it really doesn’t. I don’t get excited about it. And people can disagree, and have a different opinion, and that’s totally fine. Each to their own.”

On the silliness of the phrase “growing the game” itself…

“I went a bit far. But I hate that term ‘growing the game’. Do you ever hear that in other sports? In tennis? Football? ‘Let’s grow the game’. I mean, golf was here long before we were, and it’s going to be here long after we’re gone. So I don’t get that, but I probably went a bit overboard.”

(Good talk, Rory, but probably not as good as the one below)

On the position the Olympics put him in (having to choose to play for Great Britain or Ireland)…

“Yeah, I mean when it was announced (that golf was to be an Olympic sport) in 2009 or whatever, all of a sudden it put me in a position where I had to question who I am. Who am I? Where am I from? Where do my loyalties lie? Who am I going to play for? Who do I not want to piss off the most? I started to resent it. And I do. I resent the Olympic Games because of the position it put me in – that’s my feeling towards it – and whether that’s right or wrong, it’s how I feel.”

Agree or disagree with what he had to say, Rory McIlroy is always an insightful, interesting interview. Unlike, say…Tiger Woods.

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