Watch: Rory’s close encounter with a wild beast

Looking to get the blood pumping to start the week? Well luckily, we have the luxury of watching this video from afar of Rory McIlroy crossing paths with this big guy.

Face to face with the King of the Jungle.

I really don’t know what to make of Rory’s face. Was he shocked or scared? I know I would have been, with nothing to separate me from certain death other than a golf cart. On the other hand, if Rory was frightened, he might not have the peace of mind to tweet about the encounter.

Our favorite Irish golfer took the video at Londolozi in South Africa, where he was clearly in good hands.

I wonder if the King of the Jungle realized he was feet away from the King of the PGA. Anyway, Rory’s priceless reactions makes the video.


He can almost smell the danger. I wonder if he feels the same way around the resident Tiger on Tour.

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