WATCH: Sergio Garcia fanboys over Tiger Woods

┬áSergio Garcia’s┬áturned 37th recently, and what better way to celebrate than reliving some of the good times on tour.

Skratch TV has unearthed this absolute gem of a video showing Tiger Woods signing Sergio Garcia’s hat. The two are fairly close in age (Tiger just turned 41) so you can only imagine the hooligans these two got into, and the competitiveness that ensued.

They both really get into it, Tiger gets excited by Sergio on the range and then signs his hat like he’s his biggest fan. To top it off Sergio gives us all a little happy dance at the end when he runs off with Tigers autograph. Priceless.

Their friendship hasn’t always been so light hearted, and even took a turn for the worst. But thankfully we all have this moment to hold on to.

Sergio and Tiger’s Feud and Friendship

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