Rickie Fowler and Smylie Kaufman hate playing with “rules sticklers”

I speak for the vast majority of the golfing population when I say: sometimes you just want a casual round without the drama of obeying every single rule.

Two of golf’s youngest and most popular stars appeared on a podcast with Barstool Sports Wednesday. Rickie Fowler and Smylie Kaufman – cornerstones of the SB2K16 crew – offered some interesting insights into how they golf away from tournaments. Commenting on those guys who play every round like it’s a tournament, ahem Patrick Reed, they had this to say:

“We’re not gonna be teeing it up with those [types of] guys. We played a 6-some today. We’re not big rules guys. There are some generous drops [when we play],”

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The pair were treading cautiously throughout the interview; they are PGA TOUR golfers after all, question avoidance is in their DNA.

Moments they avoided:

1. Questions about Jordan Spieth’s receding hairline.


2. Who they hated most on the PGA TOUR (although Rickie jokingly mentioned Bubba Watson – his best bud). You will never hear a golfer answer this question, we have to wait in the wings for an impromptu Twitter tirade before we can guess the nature of golf’s personality politics.

Rickie Fowler

Interesting insights:

1. Talking about his horror 81 on the final day of last year’s Masters, Smylie said that it would’ve been nice to have a couple of beers on the back nine.

Smylie Kaufman (YES)

2. Rickie was asked about the famous Ryder Cup photo with all of his teammates kissing their wives or girlfriends, “it wasn’t staged at all,” “I’ve received plenty of wonderful comments off of that…” What’s he saying? A bunch of chicks came to his lonesome need? Fair enough.

Rickie just found a new Tinder profile picture. (Source/RickieFowler Instagram)
Rickie just found a new Tinder profile picture. (Source/RickieFowler Instagram)

Finally, the pair were asked to pick someone from their phonebook to call. Of course they went for Andrew “Beef” Johnston. Sadly, the Englishman was tucked up in bed at 3 am, not down the pub necking beers as we had all hoped.

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