WATCH: This viral ‘best trick shot video’ is absolutely ridiculous

Whenever golf is in the mainstream news, I get pretty excited. So when I saw this ‘golf trick shot video’ on all of my social feeds, I had to watch, and to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

Watch for yourself..

All they did was make a small putt that turned into a mediocre Rube Goldberg machine, in what looks like a sports bar during after hours. I mean it probably took a decent amount of time to construct, with all of those pool cues, but really? Best golf trick shot video ever? I don’t think so.

The video runs over 500ft and lasts about two minutes. The staff at the Allstars Sports Bar in Bristol spent four hours lining everything up in this elaborate ‘trick shot’.

This is basically how I felt at the end of the video.. Waiting for something more only to be disappointed by a big ass fail.

Wait for it!! ??? #golfgods #golffunny #golffail #fail #golf

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A for effort, though.

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