A TOUR pro lost 32 golf balls during the first two days of a tournament

There’s blustery weather and then there’s the conditions that players faced in the Bahamas.

The Web.com Tour is supposed to be the slightly easier littler brother to the PGA TOUR, a chance for budding professionals to earn their spurs before making it to the big leagues. Well, it certainly didn’t feel that way to those that had the immense displeasure of playing in some god awful conditions. The Tour made its way to the Bahamas, and as you will see the weather was about as cooperative as a caged lion. +11 was the cut line after two days!


Players were forced to improvise as gusts tipped 60 mph. The first two days saw five rounds in the 90s, joining a lengthy list of not so flattering Tour records; the par 4 12th had a 5.6 scoring average and the first two rounds produced just three rounds in the 60s. Shocking!

One man’s suffering was documented by a harrowing confession; 32 lost golf balls in 36 holes! How is that even possible? Is this hyperbole or did a professional golfer actually managed to chew through 11 sleeves?

People were quick to commend Greg for his gutsy, never-say-die attitude. He is a professional in every sense of the word, and as Steven Bowditch proved last year, with the right attitude you can pick yourself back up. Besides, it only takes one win and golf can be lucrative again.

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