Spieth and Kaufman go kayaking, forget about their cell phones

Jordan Spieth and Smylie Kaufman finished the day with some fishing after shooting 65 and 69 respectively.

There boys really do have their lives made. Finish a day of golf on one of the TOUR’s easier venues before heading out to sea for a spot of bonefishing. The life. And yeah, that’s Smylie Kaufman wearing a golf glove, not something that tips the panache scale in his favour. As you will see, they weren’t lying when they said they couldn’t fish:


The boys decided to mix things up after their fishing fail. Unfortunately their inexperience got the better of them as they forgot to bag their cell phones. What an amateur mistaker to maker for these two professionals. Jordan also looks to have lost his sunglasses in the chaos. Not that this will bother these guys, a couple of cell phones is a relative drop in the ocean when you earn what they do – excuse the pun.

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