The most beautiful women in golf featuring Holly Sonders, of course

Here’s the thing: and Sports Illustrated, publisher of the annual jerk rag that is the Bodypaint Issue née Swimsuit Issue are all under the same publishing umbrella. Soooo, it’s not surprising that started turning out wank material of their own a few years back.

Presenting: The Most Beautiful Women in Golf! Ain’t nothing wrong with a little titillation. Lord knows we’re not above T&A.

But the problem(s) is…

a) purports to be a Legitimate (capital L) golf news outlet, not PornHub
b) By presenting the list as “most beautiful” they’re pretending it’s some kind of a sincere appreciation and not a mere softcore showcase
c) *climbs on feminist soapbox* Where’s the “Most Beautiful Men in Golf” list?

Anyway, one of the photoshopped specimens in the curation of golf’s beautifulest is, of course, Mrs. Erik Kuselias: Holly Niederkohr.

Holly Niederkohr. Michigan State era.
Holly Niederkohr. Michigan State era.

I’m sorry, I mean the plasticine beauty that is Holly Sonders, who apparently does something for Fox Sports now that involves golf (after leaving Golf Channel).

The best element of Sonders’ four appearances in GMBW (™): Watching the horrifying progression of her plastic surgery until her inevitable 2020 GMBW, which will include the following picture.


Anyway, here are a few shots of dear Holly Sonders from the Four Seasons Resort Orlando (Because, #classy AF) and a few of the other bombshells who made the list. This includes ladies like Cheyenne Woods, Kira Kazantsev, Jessica Korda, Nelly Korda, EVERY WOMAN in the Crenshaw family.

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