WATCH: Rickie Fowler hits a persimmon driver 290 yards

5’9” Rickie Fowler averaged 301.6 yards off the tee last year (23rd on Tour), so fire up your preferred joke about big driving coming in small packages, or whatever.

More importantly, who wants to see Fowler, who traditionally pounds a Cobra King F7+, teeing off with an old MacGregor persimmon.

A real live (or dead, as the case may be) wood!

Here’s the video, courtesy of Rickie Fowler’s coach, Claude Harmon III.

If you think today’s titanium monstrosities sound better than a flushed persimmon, you have no soul.

For reference Fowler’s average driver head speed last year was 117.71 mph, so he swung the heavier wood a few mph slower. But 292.1 total? He’s still hitting it farther than 99% of the golfing world…using technology that’s 40 years old.

And if you’re on a persimmon high and want to see a little more of today’s pros hitting woods that are actually wood, I’ve plucked these from the craven maw of YouTube.

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