WATCH: Pro makes 16th hole in one for a BMW

Jaco Van Zyl just made his 16th hole in one on the European Tour, in what must be a record.

What made this time different, is that with one stroke he won a BMW i8.

He’s at the South African Open where he’s not the only one making headlines. Rory McIlroy made some serious moves today with his hot new equipment.

Rory had nine one-putts in a row today. That’s every golfer’s dream! Look at him go..

Not to mention his five wood went 323 yards down the fairway on the 9th hole.

Van Zyl made his 16th hole in one, McIlroy made 9 one-putts in a row, and Austin made a 59 the day after Justin Thomas made a 59. The golf world is on FIRE this week.

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