Ray Allen’s golf bag is incredible, but his putter cover is even better

Recently retired NBA star Ray Allen (/Jesus Shuttlesworth) is a damn good golfer (+.08 handicap). That’s not “good celebrity golfer good,” it’s more like, “if this guy had wanted to, he probably would have made the Tour” good.

However, the former member of Boston’s Big Three may have even more golf bag swag than game…and we know He Got Game (sorry, had to).

Former tour caddie-turned-ESPN-reporter, Michael Collins, who is playing in the celebrity Diamond Resorts Invitational, along with Allen, tweeted this picture of the legend’s golf bag. (Sidebar: If you’re a fan of the PGA Tour, you gotta follow Collins on Twitter)

And if the bag weren’t sick enough, how about the Jordan-sponsored putter cover? Is that a Jordan V, sneakerheads?

And the swag extended further than the bag: Allen posted this picture of his getup on Instagram.

You HAVE to hope that with the Jordan brand’s increased presence on the PGA Tour, we’ll see Jordan-sponsored Keegan Bradley with some incarnation of the J on his putter as well.

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