Mayor tells club members to “stay woke” after Obama controversy

Last week, a controversy between members at Woodmont Country Club has taken it’s next toll. The members of this historically Jewish club could not decided whether or not to allow Obama to become a member due to recent stances on Israel policies.

The Somerset mayor and longtime member of Woodmont, Jeffrey Slavin, dropped out on Martin Luther King Jr. Day after sending an email to the club. The email was obtained by the Washington Post for your viewing pleasure.

“I can no longer belong to a community: Where Intolerance is accepted, Where History is forgotten, Where Freedom of Speech is denied, And where the nation’s first black president is disrespected.”

He ended the email with “Thanks for many great memories”, quoting the civil rights anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and then the words “Stay Woke.”

Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

He later told the post, “that unless someone did something bold, the club would do nothing.” Slavin wants the club to publicly state that Obama will be welcomed into the club, and while many of the other members agree with him, they would rather not resign their membership like he has.

There is no report on whether or not Obama will even apply to become a member, but as his presidency ends and his family moves into the neighborhood, Woodmont would most likely be his first choice.

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