You won’t believe how Justin Thomas spent his $3mil

Justin Thomas is fresh off of two back to back wins in Hawaii and he’s rolling in a hefty amount of new spending money. *cough* About 3 million dollars to be exact..

In just two weeks, JT won $2.6 mil from the SBS Tournament of Champions and the Sony Open. Not to mention he won the CIMB classic earlier this season, adding $1.26 mil to the money pile.

What does he spend his well earned dough on? A new flashy car, of course. He is now accepting requests to drive people around in his new whip.

Now accepting all requests to drive people places ? Thanks @dreamworksmotorsports for the sick ride!

A photo posted by Justin Thomas (@justinthomas34) on

Source: Snapchat
Source: Snapchat

The basic Range Rover will set you back a nice $85 grand. I can’t even imagine what this custom ride cost JT, although that seems like chump change for him at the moment.

Hey, at least now he can officially join the Kardashian/Jenner crew, who have multiple Range Rovers (and a plethora of other overly expensive cars).

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Spending money like any 23 year old would.. life is good.

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