Darren Clarke is still crying over the European’s Ryder Cup loss

Darren Clarke was the Captain for the European Team this Ryder Cup, and he’s still not over the crushing loss that happened on his watch.

Source: Twitter/@RyderCupEurope
Source: Twitter/@RyderCupEurope

‘I’ll always be disappointed and it doesn’t matter how many people tell me there was nothing more I could have done,” said the Northern Irishman.

‘In the days after the match I spoke to all my vice-captains and others and asked them what we should have done differently and they all said, “Darren, you’ve got to stop this, you did all that you could”.

But the bottom line is we lost the Ryder Cup on my watch and in the end, there’s nothing anyone can say. That’s always going to hurt.’

The loss of the Claret Jug will probably haunt Clarke forever. Even on vacation with his family in the Bahamas when the Ryder Cup was months before, he was thinking about it.

‘Isn’t it ridiculous that even on Christmas Day I was thinking about it? That’s just the way I am.’

As Captain, you’re given all of this responsibility to choose the right teams for matches and if they don’t work out, although the golfers are the ones playing, some of that is your fault.

For Clarke, it could have been his choice not to play the rookies in the earlier rounds. But even making changes here and there that may have hurt him, in the end the US brought their A game.

He can’t cry forever, or can he..

‘And it’ll never leave me. If you and I sit down for a beer in 10 years’ time and you ask me what it was like being Ryder Cup captain, I can tell you now what my answer will be. I will say it was an honour and a privilege — and I’m still mightily pissed off that we lost.’

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