Twitter is not loving Donald Trump on the cover of Golf Digest

Oh, Golf Digest, you’ll try anything to sell them periodicals! Sinking ship with what someone told them is a fresh, millennial-attracting paint job that it is, GD has seized upon Donald Drumpf’s ascension to the White House and put (a very photoshopped version of) the “Golfer in Chief” on the cover.

But from looks of things in the Twitterverse, the Trumped up cover wasn’t well received.

Here’s the original Tweet (we see you, Golf Digest, working in the “Ivanka sun dress mishap” video). Pin that shit and add and ad to the front end of video…CRUSHING IT.

And the replies. Oh, the replies.

And for your edification, here’s the cover of this Special (indeed!) issue of Golf Digest with 100 pages (What? How?) dedicated to Donald Drumpf: Golfer in Chief.


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