Rest In Peace Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

2016 may not have been everyone’s favorite year. That being said, 2016 was huge for the equipment industry. Nike Golf called it quits on clubs, and now this..

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Everyone’s favorite store brand golf ball, the Kirkland Signature, just can’t keep par with demand. The four-piece discount ball beats out top brands on the course. Thus, the ball flew off shelves when introduced in November. Now, none remain; So what are golfers to do now?

Costco states the ball will only be temporarily shelved until production numbers can meet demand. But if I know anything about press release talk, that means the ball gets the axe.

The fate of the discount ball falls to the reported manufacturer, Nassau Golf. Nassau Golf makes a ball called the Quattro, which essentially is the Costco ball with a different core color. A quick nod to Nassau for naming the ball the Quattro because of the four piece design. Clever marketing.

Costco bought overruns of the Quattro, which have run dry with the popularity of the Kirkland Signature. Now Costco either must find a new ball or discontinue the ball entirely. Honestly, I hope they axe the ball, because finding a new ball would certainly cut down on its now infamous quality.

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If you really push for the balls to flourish, Costco could always produce the balls elsewhere. But where on Earth do they produce urethane covered stuff? Good question, and the answer is not many places.

So today, I Trevor Dermody, am announcing the death of the Kirkland Signature golf ball, in all it’s four-piece glory. May the 2016 golf one hit wonder rest in peace.

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