Geoff Ogilvy is a big-time fan of women’s golf, calls it a “better show than the men”

PGA Tour veteran and one of the most thoughtful, insightful blokes in the game, Geoff Ogilvy has penned a piece for Golf Australia regarding his fanboy status for women’s golf.

Editors note: A discussion about the women’s game came up yesterday and it infuriated me greatly. Lydia Ko – LPGA superstar – had the nerve to suggest she would like to see women’s pay match men, ONE DAY. This young upstart had the audacity to state her ambition, unbelievable right!? Thankfully the most victimized group in American history was around to put her in her place, the white male.

“Hopefully one day it will be equal.”

Lydia Ko

So I ask you: what’s wrong with aspiring to lift the women’s game? A great deal, according to those of you that dripped with gleeful condescension.

I can’t understand why so many people felt the need to point out the obvious like everyone needed educating. As if we didn’t already know about the LPGA TOUR’s lower ratings and smaller market size. Come on!

All I saw was a young woman set out a goal only to be told she should “stop complaining” – I didn’t see any complaining. This country once credited you for this type of confident ambition, now we have to tolerate cowards behind keyboards. That’s me. Back to Geoff. 

The eight-time PGA Tour winner admitted that he hasn’t always been a fan of tuning in for women’s golf, saying that there was “a bit of male ego going on.”

However, Ogilvy is man enough to admit that such an orientation was stupid. He’s impressed by the number of exceptional female golfers who are active at the moment, saying, “For a while there it seemed like it was just Karrie Webb and Annika Sorenstam. Then there was Lorena Ochoa. But now there are many fine players to watch.”

He had high praise for accuracy on the LPGA Tour in general and Lydia Ko’s work from distance in particular:

“I’m actually prepared to believe that Lydia Ko is better than the vast majority of male pros from, say, 200-yards out. She is ridiculously good. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the top women players consistently hit closer to where they are aiming than do the top guys.”

Ogilvy touts the LPGA stars as superior course managers and says they “put on a better show than the men.”

They are more demonstrative. And I’m always excited to see a woman golfer who impresses me, one who hits the ball with the right spin – which is hard to do with a lower swing speed – and flight.

And in a lesson for the PGA and European Tours, Ogilvy commends the women’s game for “edging gradually towards a world tour,” pointing out the fact that the women’s game is much more popular than the men in Asia.

“The LPGA Tour is just a really good product these days. I wish I had started watching sooner. But I’m making up for it now.”

Don’t make the same mistake Geoff Ogilvy made! Watch!

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