Rory McIlroy fires back at Brandel Chamblee on Twitter.. again

Rory McIlroy doesn’t take crap from anybody, especially not from Brandel Chamblee. He can criticize and mock Rory’s golf regimen all he wants but just know shots will be fired back.

Last February, Chamblee took a shot at McIlroy’s rigorous workout routine, saying that he should use Tiger Woods as an example of what not to do. Of course, Rory had to respond, tweeting this video of himself working out even harder.

With McIlroy’s recent WD from a rib stress fracture, you might be wondering if his workouts really are to blame. Regardless, it’s his body and he can do with it how he pleases, without the patronizing judgements of holier-than-thou commentators.

Well at this point, McIlroy is not the biggest fan of Chamblee’s, and rightly so. So when Chamblee was involved in a Twitter feud with a few followers about whether the majority of the longest and straightest drivers of the golf ball hit down, not up, Rory had to contribute.

Chamblee trying to prove that players nowadays hit down on the ball, and Rory clearing it all up for him.

If showing off Spieth’s 3 wood stats weren’t enough to convince Chamblee that he is in fact wrong, then maybe a sweet little reminder of who’s No. 1 off the tee would do the job.

Rory 2, Chamblee 0.

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