Matt Fitzpatrick’s Caddie Takes Sting From Near Ace

The definition of a tease: a near ace that snakes around the lip of the hole. The shot came at the seventh hole for Matt Fitzpatrick where he keeled over in agony at the loss.

I was surprised he didn’t snap a club. That is until I heard his caddie offering some words of encouragement.

Barely audible, the video above shows Fitzpatrick’s caddie, Jamie Lane, offering some comic relief after the near ace. Not sure if that really makes up for it, but at least he gave it a go. Plus it made Matt smile, which I guess is part of your job on TOUR.

Despite missing the ace, Fitzpatrick trails 5 shots behind Henrik Stenson at the Abu Dhabi Championship. Stenson opened with a stellar 64 that he attributes to,”Lack of sleep, lack of practice.” His round in two minutes below..

Hopefully Fitz can get another pep talk and take the lead today in the U.A.E.

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