Wanna see 3 golfers try to frighten a child with the Wax Figure Prank? Sure you do!

It’s not quite done to death at this point, ala the Ice Bucket Challenge (rest in peace), but we’ll call the “Wax Figure Prank” a well-established trope.

Like this bit featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a 60-year-old Terminator…

Or this…

Or this…

Anyways.. Sergio Garcia, Adam Scott and Ernie Els, off the coast of Malaysia for the Singapore Open, were at Madam Tussaud’s for a photoshoot. And because #viralvideo, somebody decided the trio (plus wax Tiger Woods) ought to do the ole wax prank.

Here’s the result, per Sky “Hell no, you can’t embed our videos” Sports.

Now, a few tips for producing this type of video, SkySports: Here in ‘Murica, we do multiple takes of our pranks and cut the best ones together. Also, just like his attempts to win a major, Sergio Garcia half-asses the scare.


Bad choice for lead frightener. Should’ve gone with Scotty.

Also, can you imagine if wax Tiger Woods would have been a robot and started fist-pumping or something to scare the pros? Now that would have been a prank.

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