Phil Mickelson may have just become the biggest bro on Tour

Phil Mickelson has made his return to the PGA Tour and he’s rocking a new and interesting logo. Oh wait, it’s himself.

Lefty debuted a jacket with the famous silhouette of his jump at the 2004 Masters, which he won. Nothing is more bro than wearing a logo of yourself winning a tournament. It’s conceited yes, but also epic.

Phil is rockin’ a logo of himself winning the 2004 Masters today, which might be the greatest “Phil being Phil” move EVER.

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Just Phil being Phil. The real question is, will this logo be available for future consumption by the average golfer? We don’t know at the moment BUT he told Golf Digest, “We’ve been working with something that I’ll be involved with later in the year.”

He’s currently at the CareerBuilder Challenge where he carded a 4-under 68 for his first round back.

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