F-yeah, haunted house mini-golf!

If the massive success of Topgolf has shown anything, it’s that there’s an appetite for new varieties of the golf experience.

And in Concord, California, there’s a spot that combines two passions near and dear to ole Boredom’s little black heart: mini-golf and graveyards. That’s right: A game often played by the nearly dead and the place they go when they are, in fact, dead.

Per a report on SFist, a visionary gentleman by the name of Daryn Coleman opened a lovely little place called Ghost Golf in 2010. He was a haunted house lover growing up, and he worked for a while at Disneyland with animatronic puppets. Coleman eventually entered the corporate orbit, working for AT&T, amassing a bevy of Halloweenia in his spare time.

When he was laid off in 2009, however, Coleman presented the idea of Ghost Golf to his wife, Janice as a way to leverage their massive trove of Halloween decorations (a better way than merely being the best decorated house on the block each October).

“I got tired of storing it all away, working all year long, then getting two or three hours of glory. started thinking ‘What could we do to use this stuff year-round?’”

Daryn Coleman

The course moved to a larger location in 2014, and in addition to 18 ghoulish holes of mini-golf, the spot offers a mummy-themed shooting gallery (yas!) and an arcade.

And perhaps the best news for the fright-golf inclined, who can’t make it to California, Coleman is hoping to franchise the business. A section on the company website reads: “If you would like to inquire about a possible Ghost Golf franchise or if you have a project that you would like to have our team of talented artists and designers help with send an email.”

Hmm. So if this whole writing thing doesn’t work out… But really, check out how frighteningly awesome this place looks in this video from Intuit.

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