Watch: Jordan Spieth and Tom Brady Talk Winning

Two of Under Armour’s biggest stars, Jordan Spieth and Tom Brady, hit the links in a new video to talk about winning. Yeah, you heard that right.

The video is aptly timed, with Brady fresh off giving the Pittsburgh Steelers a clinic in the AFC Championship game.

Other than that the two spoke about playing on big stages plus a little about golf in general. Under Armour shot the video in 2013, which is strange because I pride myself on watching as much Tom Brady material as possible. I’d say the two have fared pretty well since 2013; Brady is playing in the Super Bowl in two weeks and Jordan Spieth favors highly in early Majors odds.

Brady offers some advice on staying on the path to win a championship and comments on Spieth’s hunger for victory. If that doesn’t get the blood flowing for Spieth than nothing will.

Brady also offers some pretty comical relief when he says; “I only play golf when it’s 70 and sunny.” Odd for the guy who plays great in the snow but I guess golf might pose a different case than football.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2015 and that year Spieth played some of the best golf in his life. Could the two correlate? I guess we’ll find out..

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