WATCH: Danny Lee hilariously mocks Phil Mickelson’s new logo

Danny Lee is one of the funniest guys on Tour and his sense of humor is off the charts. He’s been in a prank war with Rickie Fowler for years and now he’s goofing around with Phil Mickelson.

Lefty debuted his new logo, a replica of his iconic jump after winning the Masters, at the CareerBuilder Championship this past weekend. When Lee was partnered with Mickelson one round, he jumped.. literally jumped.. at the opportunity to poke fun at him for it.

Rate Danny Lee’s Phil impression on a scale of 1-10.

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What do you think of his impression? He does it twice so you really get a good look at it. I think Phil got way more ups but then again his was authentic and Lee was being funny. Although he did make that eagle putt.

I’m glad Lefty was a good sport about it. He gave Lee some bones after the joke, clearly it was just for funsies and no harm done. He should have expected it honestly. If you’re going to create a logo that’s of yourself, people are going to mock you for it. But again, all in good fun.

Let’s take a second to appreciate Danny Lee’s performance at the CareerBuilder as well..

We’ve been seeing a lot of guys on Tour lightening up the game recently and it’s quite refreshing. Justin Thomas played a prank on Jordan Spieth, Spieth and Smylie’s post round fail, and shenanigans with Rickie Fowler.

In a sport where there’s so much pressure to be focused and refined, I revel in the moments where players let loose.

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