Tiger Woods signs a huge equipment deal: “Proud to join the family”

With more teasing than he engaged in with his legion of text message mistresses, Tiger Woods tweeted the following last night.

The “Tiger to TaylorMade” rumor has been a thing in golf equipment circles for months, and Secret Tour Pro was quick to empty both barrels, claiming Woods’ announcement would be “joining the family” (puke) of TaylorMade.

A .500-hitter with his predictions, STP got it right, as Tiger Woods tweeted today.

Breaking down Tiger Woods’ decision, No Laying Up had things about right.

For all you gearheads, according to Golfweek’s David Dusek:

“Woods will use a 2016 TaylorMade M2 driver (Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei White 70X shaft), a 2017 M2 13-degree fairway wood (Tensei White 90X shaft) and a 2017 M1 19-degree fairway wood (Tensei White 90X shaft).”

After years of brainwashing/advertising, it’s difficult to imagine Tiger Woods, for whom Nike Golf was essentially created, with a bag full of TaylorMade clubs. He’s expected to keep his Nike VR Pro irons and Nike VR Forged wedges in the bag for now, but is rumored to be working with TMag engineers to design an iron he can play.

Odds are, if Woods does put TaylorMade irons in play, they won’t look like what you see below. Also, financial terms of Woods’ multi-year deal with the company were (of course) not disclosed.

RocketBallz! (Photo source/TaylorMade)
RocketBallz! (Photo source/TaylorMade)

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