Come for the “Jim Nantz knew Tiger Woods would win the ’97 Masters” story, stay for the highlights

Hello, friends. Jim Nantz, who, fun fact, sees himself calling the Masters until 2036, apparently saw something else in his crystal ball in 1997: a Tiger Woods Masters victory that year.

In all seriousness, quintessential 1 percent dad from Connecticut that he is, Jim Nantz is the best in the business—and that’s not just in contrast to the idiots like Faldo and Simms he’s stuck working next to.

Nantzy, as his wife calls him, spoke with reporters Wednesday on a conference call, because some in the over-40 set are still doing that sort of thing.

“I just remember really going in thinking he was going to win,” Nantz told reporters, per Golf Digest. “Just for whatever reason, I spent an extra amount of preparation time trying to line up some stories if the situation presented itself, that there would be some background on Tiger that no one had ever heard before.”

As we all know, Woods did win that week, stomping the field by 12 strokes. As we all may not remember, though, Tiger was four over through his first nine holes, going out in 40.

“I watched with great astonishment . . . when he went out in 40. It was a bit jarring,” Nantz said. “But I remember the one shot that changed everything and that was the chip-in from the back of the 12th green. Anyway, it was very exciting.”

(The chip-in is the first shot in the video below.)

So there you have it. Jim Nantz: clairvoyant. Woody was listed at 50-1 odds in 1997, so hopefully Nantz punted some of that CBS bank.

But really, this is all just an elaborate ruse to get to the Tiger Woods 1997 Masters highlights, so leggoooo.

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