WATCH: Tiger Woods hits back to back birdies in pure vintage form

Every time Tiger Woods steps onto the field, fans everywhere expect magic to happen. That’s what we’re conditioned to see after years and years of success on Tour.

Nowadays you never know what you’re going to get and although he may not be as magical as he once was, every shot Tiger hits is exciting.

He got his first birdie of 2017 behind a bunker on hole 10 after hitting a stellar chip shot onto the green and sinking the putt.

The 11th par 3 delivered his second birdie with a swish and a dunk.

While some may say that this is mediocre golf at best, we just want to appreciate the fact that Tiger is back playing at all. He does so much for the game and seeing him power through is incredible.

The new commercial that the Golf Channel keeps showing sums it up perfectly. Winning one time on Tour is hard, but winning 79 times is extremely impressive. Will he ever make it back to that high point? Probably not. But he is giving it all he’s got and that just shows the perseverance and hard work that makes Tiger an icon.

Watch the commercial and Tiger’s reaction to it HERE.

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