WATCH: Phil Mickelson goes full Mickelson at Torrey Pines

In his opening round at Torrey Pines, Phil Mickelson went Full Mickelson (alternatively, the Phull Phil) on a couple of shots you have to see.

Now, the PGA Tour’s social team, in its minimal knowledge of actual golf, presented Phil Mickelson’s two shots as a “which was better” scenario. Let’s just nip any dispute in the bud right now: The difficulty of the flop shot was like a 9.5. The putt while it took imagination and course knowledge was like a 2. End of story.

Of course, this calls to mind other instances of golf’s biggest gambler (in more ways than one) pulling off the incredible. And in the spirit of “Phil being Phil,” here are a few of those classic Mickelsonian moments.

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