WATCH: This guy can make you breakfast with one swing

If you’ve been paying attention to our feed, you’ve seen Jim Waldron before. This long driver competitor has the best finish to his swing and can carry the ball 330 yards from his knees.

For his latest trick, Jim has decided to make you breakfast with one swift swing. Hopefully you’re a fan of cereal and milk..

If you want to see that stellar finish I was talking about, here it is. He’s basically a ninja when it comes to his club twirling skills. Tiger might even be jealous.

A video posted by Jim Waldron (@jimld) on

Plus the guy is a comedian, I mean look at this shirt he has. He definitely hits the ball long, but I’m not sure that’s what he’s referring to..

These World Long Drive players are way more entertaining than the pros. Sure you may say they have less pressure on them to perform, but either way personality comes through no matter what. And these guys have got a ton of it.

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