Marshawn Lynch just committed the ultimate golf sin

We get it, some people just don’t have a knack for (or even like) golf. But going to Scotland and not playing has to be the ultimate golf sin. Cue Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch recently went to Houston, Scotland to promote the 51st Super Bowl which will be played in Houston, Texas. He rode around on a bike handing out skittles (duh) to locals, seeing if anyone knew about the biggest sporting event in America.

Looks like they did..

Beast Mode learned how to bag pipe, he got a tour of a castle, was stormed by guys in quilts, and didn’t golf. It just seems wrong.

Seriously though, Scotland is widely promoted as the home of golf, and to not even step on St. Andrews green is a travesty. The castle where he was interviewing that one guy probably had a course right behind it. I think even the Houston Inn where he stayed has a golf course.

But then we remembered this:

It all makes sense now. I guess we’ll let him off the hook.. this time.

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