Remember Tiger’s roaring ace at the biggest party in golf?

It’s that time of year again, when people gather from all over to enjoy a golf event unlike any other. The Waste Management Open is known for it’s laid back environment and the 16th hole, where cheering is encouraged and drinking is welcomed.

Imagine making a hole in one in that kind of setting? People yelling and screaming waiting for someone to make it in, and then you do, and the stadium erupts with the cheers of fans. This may be normal for other sporting events but not for golf, which is what makes it so damn renegade.

Tiger Woods made an ace at this hole, along with a couple of other pros, but this was during his prime and the crowd just could not contain themselves. And how could they? Half of them were probably wasted and seeing the best golfer of their time.

There’s just nothing like it. Although Tiger won’t be playing this weekend, I’m sure we’ll still see some incredible golf from the pros and some drunk shenanigans from the fans.

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