Tiger Woods, at LAX just in time for protests, had the chance to join in

Tiger Woods’ travel plans were interrupted by protests at LAX. They were not, however, interrupted by his decision to lend any show of support to the widespread backlash.

If you’re of the opinion that Tiger Woods wouldn’t comment on an issue of substance if he were dropped into the middle of a protest…you’re right.

Woods, who has developed Michael Jordan’s allergy to rocking the boat or concern for real-world issues, arrived at LAX amid large-scale protests against President Donald Drumpf’s #MuslimBan. He hastily scribbled something to the effect of “Without immigrants, no Tiger Woods” on a piece of cardboard and rushed to join the demonstration.

Of course, that actually didn’t happen. Woods, who comedian George Lopez recently called a “white man,” upon hearing news that TW was teeing it up with Drumpf, offered the following brilliant oratory.

“We were on the other side of the terminal. You could see it. But we just couldn’t get there.”

Ah! So he wanted to join in the protest at least! No. By “it” Woods means the commercial jet to Dubai his private jet was dropping him off at. Right.

Fortunately, the appropriate strings were tugged on and Woods found himself sitting comfortably in the cozy confines of first class en route to collect his multi-million dollar appearance fee in Dubai for the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

Phew. That was a close one.

But really, has Woods ever weighed in on an issue of substance? With all due respect to his Learning Center, El Tigre’s only concerns outside of golf seem to be lifting, playing video games, and getting ass.

In other words, isn’t it glorious that the 14-time major champion is effectively a 14-year-old boy.

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