Maverick McNealy still mulls over going pro after Stanford, talks business

Maverick McNealy graduates form Stanford this year and needs one more win to be the top Cardinal ever. That trumps Tiger Woods and Patrick Rodgers; not bad company to keep. He’s also the numero uno amateur on the WAGR. With one semester left though, the 21 year old remains unsure about going pro. 

McNealy played in three four PGA events in 2016, including the U.S Open. He made the cut at 3 of the 4. So why not go pro?

Well for one, McNealy is the son of billionaire Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems. Majoring in management science and engineering, Maverick seems poised to take a position in the family business, not golf. He also doesn’t feel up to the challenge at his current skill level, stating:

“Basically if I played the way I have played on the PGA Tour, it feels like I’ve had three good rounds and one poor round every event I’ve played that wouldn’t be enough to make it. So I do think I need to work hard on my game this year.”

That sounds about as up in the air as it gets. I think it really comes down to this spring, where a record setting win might change some minds. That is if he can keep his dad away from a microphone.

As we’ve previously reported, Scott McNealy is no fan of his son becoming “an entertainer”:

“If you are an entertainer, it’s counterproductive from the standpoint that people stop doing anything and just sit and watch entertainers,”

Not 100 percent sure what that means because that’s kind of the whole entertainment part of sports. You don’t see anyone playing golf on the PGA TOUR simply looking for free golf.

Stay tuned to see how this story plays out this spring and summer!

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