The most expensive clubs on the market are about to go up in price

Everyone knows that golf clubs are an investment, but when does the price tag become unreasonable? Parsons Extreme Golf, the newest and most expensive clubs in the game, are putting that question to the test.

Bob Parsons, GoDaddy and PXG founder, once bragged about how he spent about $350,000 on golf clubs a year. Sure, that’s easy for a billionaire, but apparently he thinks his customers are willing to do the same.


The clubs target a high-end demographic, with a full set costing around $5,000. If you think that’s a hefty price tag, Parsons told the Arizona Republic that the next line of clubs will only go up.

“We’re working on a process that has never been done before and is incredibly expensive. Our next set of clubs are going to cost a lot more.”

Clearly their demographic is not the average joe looking to improve their short game. As one of the newest manufacturers on the market, what is this price increase trying to say? That golf fans are only worth as much as what they can spend on clubs?

You’re not going to start off playing golf with PXG clubs, so in no way can these truly grow the game. Parsons is trying to revolutionize the clubs by using a process that’s never been done before but just because he can spend the money doesn’t mean he should. He’ll say that the process will make it worth it but a club is not worth an arm and a leg.

While we appreciate the creativity and investment in female pros, I don’t think we’ll be picking up a set of PXG’s any time soon.

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