WATCH: Mark Wahlberg shanks ball into thousands of people

Mark Wahlberg is a regular when it comes to attending pro-ams, but it seems as though the huge crowd at the Waste Management Open made him a bit nervous.

So much so, that he ended up shanking his ball into the bleachers of 20,000 fans on the famous 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale. His buddy Bubba Watson was there to narrate the entire thing.. and help yell fore.

Fast forward to 6:00 for the moment it all fell apart.

The crowd loved him anyways, I mean how can you not love Mark Wahlberg. Honestly reminded me of a foul ball in baseball.. maybe a lucky fan caught the hosel rocket. He ended up taking a mulligan so it’s all good.

Mr. Wahlburger may be used to playing in pro-ams, but the music and screaming fans are much different than the environment at Pebble Beach.

Although you would think he’d be used to this type of pressure. How different can presenting an award in front of thousands, his peers nonetheless and broadcasted across the country, be to hitting a golf shot in front of thousands of fans. The first seems like it would be much harder, but maybe he’s just not that great at golf.. despite what he says.

He needs to get back to work on his extravagant backyard practice facility and practice.

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