Woods remains hopeful after tough Dubai kickoff

Tiger Woods probably wants to forget his Wednesday in Dubai.

At the Dubai Desert Classic, Tiger Woods finished 5 shots over par. The golfer found no hint of luck and played a rare birdie-free round. However, a sliver of hope remains.

Source: Bleacher Report


Many people will jump to Tiger Woods’ injuries as an excuse for poor play. After the round, Tiger himself said he felt no pain, things simply didn’t work out. I mean, did anyone see his shot on the 18th? His swing wasn’t perfect but the ball did him no favors.

Not the end of the world. Golf is a fickle game and even Tiger Woods can’t escape bad days. Tiger himself recognizes the real issue:

“I left probably about 16 putts short. I just couldn’t get the speed of these things and, consequently, it added up to a pretty high number.”

Woods hopes the wind plays in his favor today so he can get back to even par. And I’m okay with that. Rome wasn’t built over night and you need to take baby steps sometimes. If Tiger can get back to par he has a chance to stay in Dubai for the weekend, which would be huge.

At this point, I don’t need a Tiger win in Dubai, it would make me far happier to see him play a solid round. Furthermore, if he plays well, he can’t let the hype go to his head. That doesn’t bode well for anyone, especially Tiger.

I bet Tiger won’t read this, but if he does: relax guy, have some fun and play some golf. Sergio Garcia currently leads, but we know that won’t last. More than anything, I’d like to see Tiger make some improvements on the green. And if i know Tiger he will, because a bad day is perfect motivation.

As a final note, I hope Tiger won’t make this face today. Fare warning, you might die a little inside after viewing this pic.

Source: Bleacher Report


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